Renata lives on the Lençois Island, in the Northeast Brazil, where she has an inn with her husband, Nango, who is also a fisherman. Times are tough financially. Shrimp – the main source of income for the family – is scarce and the low season does not help with the flow of tourists. While trying to find solutions to these problems, Renata begins to have strange dreams, which her mother-in-law, Dona Nem, the island’s spiritual leader, claims to be called Enchantery – or the realm of spirits of Nature – so that she assumes the obligations from her ancestry. Confused, Renata will have to learn how to deal with this new world of enchantments that becomes part of her daily life and her community.

With Renata Michele, Nango Ribeiro Araújo e Maria José Ribeiro Araújo
Screenplay Isaac Pipano, Larissa Figueiredo, Nana Ribeiro, Mari Moraga e Renata Michele
Direction Larissa Figueiredo
Direction of Photography Rafael Avancini
Sound Isaac Pipano/Larissa Figueiredo
Assistance of Photography and Sound Ingrid Barros
Production Larissa Figueiredo
Local production Deuza Brabo
Assistance of Executive Production Jade Azevedo/Janaína Moraes
Editing Mari Moraga & Nana Ribeiro
Still Márcio Vasconcelos
Post-production Coordination and Coloring Onda Finalização
Sound design and Mixing Gogó Conteúdo Sonoro
Original Soundtrack Rita Zart
Licensed Music Roberto Machado/Paulão
Accessibility Acensia
Translation and Subtitling Paulo Scarpa
Research Isaac Pipano/Gabriel Binkowski
Controller Daiana Kreder
Legal Advice Salles & Medeiros
Countability Sansores Contabilidade
Graphic Design Fernando Sciarra
Illustration Vânia Medeiros

This project was awarded with the Audiovisual Sector Fund/ANICNE/BRDE Prodav 01/2013.

In post-production. To be release in 2022.