FICTION, 26′, BRAZIL, 2017

Nicole is six years old. She carries in her backpack a roll of bandages and gauzes. Every day, as soon as she arrives at school, she runs to the dressing room, where she wraps gauzes around her hand and paints it with colored crayon. That is her trademark: the girl with wrists wrapped in colored gauzes. As a daughter of boxing world champions Macaris do Livramento and Rosilete dos Santos, Nicole does her boxing trainings in the afternoons with her parents. At school, she teaches her group of friends each new move she learned. They are “the fighters of leopard gloves” and they dream of the day when they will be able to use Rosilete’s trademark: the leopard pattern gloves.

FICTION, 26′, Brazil, 2017

director LARISSA FIGUEIREDO gender DRAMA, FANTASY, CHILDREN AND YOUTH shooting format DIGITAL 2K screening format DCP shooting time 2 WEEKS location CURITIBA (BR) production CAZUMBÁ FILMES (BR)

Project approved in Mecenato Municipal de Curitiba (BR) in search of sponsors

In Production